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Head of Finance

Head of Finance, web based finance and risk management system for SME’s

Regarding the uncertainty in the current market conditions, risk management application need for both banks and SME’s has been increased.

With this revolutionary software, it is aimed to provide fast, cheap, standard financial decision support and risk management services that institutionalize the businesses which lack of finance professionals or services that provided by consultants due to their costs.

The innovative aspect of this software is to make financial decisions and risk management practices accessible for SME’s while making their financial decisions.

In this respect, there are no examples of software in the world. It is also aimed by the software to provide entrepreneurs and managers decision support and risk management applications that are not made by accounting softwares.

Sinerji Corporate Finance Consulting LLC.


Sinerji Consulting "Value Added Solutions"

Sinerji Consulting has been serving in the fields of finance, investment, M&A consultancies since 2013. Sinerji Consulting is providing M&A, investment and financial consulting services for SME's in Turkey. Sinerji Consulting's goal is to be the most known and the leading consulting company in Turkey with high quality and value added solutions.

Managing partner Prof. Yazıcı served in the banking sector for 14 years in different positions and for several banks.

Ordinatrum Information Technologies Consulting LLC.


Ordinatrum is developing industry specific and cost effective softwares both public and private companies.

Ordinatrum is Turkey's most dynamic information solutions and consulting firm with its professional staff with know-how in different technologies.

Ordinatrum has been providing platform independent solutions to organizations in every sector since 2011 such as healthcare, finance, production and service sectors. Ordinatrum has produced and already accomplished many innovations in public and private sector institutions with solutions in international standards.

Ordinatrum has been operating in the main offices of Istanbul and Gebze Technopark since 2011.

Keep an eye on your business and financial standing every moment and everywhere