Our Services

Our Goal is: A “Head of Finance” for every SME"

There is no reference material that can be directly accessed by the related companies for technical information. With the contribution provided by the Finance Manager, our businesses will have the opportunity to access information fast and cheaply, and the way the sector and banks will do business will be different.

In addition to the software you can use with the monthly payment system, you can benefit from our services that will be offered by our specialists, at a fee, with special offers.

SME’s constitute %99.8 of total number of enterprises.
%39.2 of SME’s activate in wholesale and retail trade.
%93.5 of total SME’s have internet access.
%59.7of SME’s in manufacturing industry work with low technology.

Our Services:

• Financial check-up
• Financial statement analysis, sector comparison and financial reporting
• Cash flow analysis
• Customer credibility and sales policy analysis
• Financial planning
• Credit restructuring
• Company valuation
• Mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures
• Market research
• Due diligence and process management
• Software development, ERP solutions
• Training
• Commercial real estate valuations (with solution partners)
• Machine equipment valuations (with solution partners)

Keep an eye on your business and financial standing every moment and everywhere