Financial Calculations Module

Financial Calculations Module

The concepts such as correct financial calculations, reconciliation with banks, investment analysis, company valuation are very technical and require experienced personnel.
However, this module of “Head of Finance” has been designed so that all these complex calculations are basic and easy to calculate.

Finansal Analiz Raporunuz Finans Müdürü'nde!

Upload your financial data to Finans Müdürü and get your financial analysis and credibility report in seconds.

By “Head of Finance”, you can easily make the calculations below when you need to make decisions in financial management:

  • Present value and future value
  • Periodic return and net return
  • Breakeven analysis
  • Preparing payment plans and choosing payment plans among the alternatives
  • Calculating principals, installments and maturities
  • Cash flow and EBITDA evaluation
  • Company valuation

Keep an eye on your business and financial standing every moment and everywhere