Cash Management Module

Cash Management Module

The biggest problems of our businesses are that they cannot follow cash flows clearly, cannot follow receivables and debt maturities, cannot manage sales policies and pricing correctly.

These problems will be automatically tracked for you after the cash management decision support system has been transferred to “Head of Finance” in the next few minutes, either by yourself or if you want to receive your excel from your accounting program.

Some features included in the module;

  • Preparing customer information cards
  • Detailed tracking of customers and suppliers
  • Figuring out average maturity and due dates
  • Warnings for extension of maturities
  • Customer payment performance follow-ups
  • Customer and supplier concentration tracks
  • Collateral and warranty tracks
  • Payment history and payment problems in cheques and bills checks
  • Customer risk based pricing
  • Foreign currency change affect calculations on financials

Keep an eye on your business and financial standing every moment and everywhere